Hi there!  While the galleries presented here are a wonderful way to explore my work, you may also enjoy other methods - such as using the SEARCH FOR PHOTOS tool in the upper right  for a specific subject,  image number, or  color.   

SEARCH BY COLOR (purple, pink, orange, brown, red, yellow, green, blue, white, gray and black) will return an exciting smorgasbord of images combed from my entire website, allowing you to experience a different cross section of my collection with each color.  

SPECIAL SUBJECTS to explore are:  eye, berries, reflections, droplets, frost, seashore, waves, rocks, and bokeh.   

BIRDERS will enjoy the results of these keyword searches:  flight, feeding, and tongue.

HOVER over a thumbnail image to enlarge it a bit to its full crop shape; if you click on that image again, it enlarges to full screen!  

IMPORTANT:  A keyword search brings up a specific image assortment.  Clicking on one image brings it to full screen. BUT, to return to that specific assortment, you MUST CLICK THE BACK ARROW ;  do NOT click on the "X" in the upper right corner!

Have fun exploring! 

PRINTS MAY BE PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM THIS WEBSITE.  A professional print lab handles your order,  adds shipping and tax, accepts your credit card, and mails your order direct to you.  You select the medium you wish:  1) standard paper print;  2) wall art ready for hanging --  wrapped/framed canvas print , board-mounted print,  'standout' print,  float wraps, or aluminum metal print;  or 3) desk art  as easel-backed metal.  BONUS: You can crop each image as you wish to fit your desired format! 

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS,  click on the "CONTACT" button to send me a query, whether about my Nature Photo Workshops, blank photo note cards (available for every image) or  signed prints that I make in my studio.  I'll get back to you promptly!

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