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Hi there!  While the galleries presented here are a wonderful way to explore my works, you may also enjoy other methods - such as using the SEARCH tool in the upper right (showing the text "search for photos") for a particular subject, an image number (if you have one of my images), or a color.  Searching  by color  (purple, pink, orange, brown, red, yellow, green, blue, white, gray and black) will return a smorgasbord of images combed from my entire website, allowing you to experience a different cross section of my collection with each color.  

Other special subjects to try are: eye, berries, reflections, droplets, frost, seashore, waves, rocks, and bokeh.   

Birders will enjoy the results of these keyword searches: flight, feeding, and tongue.

IF YOU HOVER over a thumbnail image, it enlarges a bit to its full crop shape; if you click on that image again, it enlarges to fill the screen!  Have fun exploring! 

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS,  just click on the "Contact" button to send me a query, whether about my Nature Photo Workshops, custom prints, or note cards (available for every image).

Special Works



Rocks, Water, and Scenics




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